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Meet Samantha

Meet Samantha,the sex doll.Most people,specifically men,  in Kenya together with other countries are talking endlessly about the sex doll which has become one of the greatest inventions in this world.. Samantha is very realistic in that it needs to be seduced so that action may take place…it is a robot that has basic conversation skills…it was created by Sergi Santos who is a Barcelona based engineer..


Samantha likes to be touched. She has different modes of interaction,she can be romantic, she has family mode and can also work out sexy modes-which gets most men turned on… This doll is developed by artificial intelligence that’s why it can respond to different scenarios…i know most of you are wondering what the cost is.. The doll costs 2500$ which amounts to 316,000 ksh-about the same cost as a probox car.

That is Samantha. She can be modified into different beauty styles. Amazing,

    Advantages of Samantha

1.Samantha has heavily packed boob’s and an ass

2.Samantha can be cheated on

3.Samantha does not require food

4.Samantha does not require uber to get her back to her home

5.Samantha is easy to convince-without the use of money

6.Samantha can create new styles

7.Samantha is a virgin forever😵

8.Presence of Samantha would reduce rape cases in the world.

9.Most lone rangers have now found something to keep them company

Disadvantages of Samantha 

1.Samantha is the cause of jealousy for many women.

2.Samantha,as observed, has one complexion.

So as you have all seen,Samantha has more advantages than disadvantages.Make your choice😂😂

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