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The Teaser pt2

Anna was carried by  two of the men to a nearby park… There was a dim illumination in the street lights so it couldn’t expose their acts. Anna tried to run but she tripped and fell. “Trying to run eeiy.”The stronger man said. Seemingly this was a one man show because the other man was reluctant in helping him. Taking her by the hair, he dragged her back to some trees at the edge of the park. Forcing her down onto her stomach, he placed his boot between her shoulder blades and pressed down; keeping her in position as he quickly used the rope slung over his shoulder to bind her ankles to the base of those trees.

Using her hair again to pull her back up to her knees, he made some adjustments to the rope. He wanted her legs to stay open no matter what position he pulled her into. Satisfied, he walked to stand in front of her. Color had blossomed on her check and he knelt in front of her to caress it. They put themselves in position where one man could watch and the other could have some fun with the girl, Anna.

“Let’s see how your teasing has paid off my love. You thought turning us on and off was the brightest idea.,look what your friends  got yourself into.” He kissed her deeply, at the same time he grabbed her breast and squeezed. She gave a slight moan but he wanted more. Moving his lips to her neck, he bit down at the same time he twisted her nipple.

“You enjoy being my prize, my dirty whore don’t you baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“Fuck you.” She responded.

He laughed. “Oh no my love, you will be the one fucked.”

He stood up and undid his boots, removing his pants setting both off to the side before pulling down his boxers. Grabbing her hair once more, he guided his cock to her mouth. She opened without being told and he rewarded her by slowly sliding his cock down her throat and stopping. He stood motionless as she fought to relax, it didn’t take her long anymore and she only started to fight when she needed air.

As she started to struggle, he gripped her hair tighter, holding her in place for a few more seconds. When he removed his cock from her mouth she quickly gasped for air. He gave her a moment’s reprieve before grabbing her head in both hands as he started to fuck her mouth. There was no mercy to be found tonight and she was soon covered in saliva, snot and tears. She didn’t give their cocks mercy while in the club, it was the time to return the favour.

He wasn’t just going to use her mouth though. This needed to be drawn out some more. He so enjoyed playing with his prey and he knew that she loved it too.

Undoing her hands, he told her to get on all fours and not move. He walked behind her out of sight and rummaged through the brush. He placed a bag there few days before and he was hoping that he could force her in the right direction so he could use it. Little did she know, by the time the night was over she would be screaming out in both pain and pleasure.

He placed a blanket down behind her so that he could rest on it comfortably. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her back against him, but didn’t enter her, using his cock only to tease. Hands caressed her generous ass and he smiled thinking of the destruction he was going to cause.

Licking his thumb, he pressed it against her tight cunt and heard her whimper. Grabbing the vibrating plug from his bag, he coated it in her juices and slid it into her cunt. Turning it on, he watched her body shudder before raining down slaps on her ass.

She cried out around the 5th or 6th hit and tried to move away from him. He growled and she quickly corrected her position, but it was too late. He bent over her and sunk his teeth into the back of her shoulder, letting her cry out before warning her not to move again.

“Did you just move again?”

Tears and snot covered her face, but he knew she wasn’t floating. Not yet, but she would be soon, of that he could guarantee. She apologized quietly, but knew she was going to regret it.

She was almost there. Almost gone, but he wasn’t ready for that yet.

He wiggled the plug in her ass and she moaned. Reaching between her legs, she started rubbing her clit. She was sopping wet and it was literally seconds before she was cumming, calling out her pleasure to the creatures of the night.

Picking up the dragon tail , he assaulted her,hitting her hard, but giving her enough time to make her count of ten.

“Now for your special treat my love!”

Caressing her cunt again, he listened to her stifled moans. He felt her stiffen at feeling the warm breath on her kitty seconds before he marked her, setting his teeth into her cunt so hard that he growled at the warm taste of her juices. Licking the spot he just made, he quickly pulled the plug from her cunt and adjusted himself into position.

She was some place far away now so he knew there was no need to be gentle as he forced himself inside her tight cunt. One slow, sure stroke and he was buried.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her up, impaling her onto his cock even more. He started fucking her pussy hard, holding her in place so she had no choice but to take it. As soon as he felt her orgasm take her, he pulled the clothes pin off one nipple, then the other. She screamed out as wave after wave rippled through her body. He wasn’t sure where one stopped and the other began but he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Pushing her back down into the dirt, he grabbed her hips and finished taking his prize as hard as he could, finally cumming with a satisfied growl of conquest.

He stayed firmly planted inside her cunt as he caught his breath. Slowly, his softened cock slipped from her and she remained on the ground.

Leaving her there, he gathered up everything he used this evening before wrapping her up in her clothes and carrying her in the blanket he had been kneeling on.

She finally got words out of her mouth and asked,”Could we do this tomorrow please”The man was startled and replied that it was okay.. Anna had gotten the pleasure of a lifetime

Pressing his lips to her forehead, he whispered “I love you,” before carrying her off into the moonlight.


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