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The Teaser pt1

It was on a Friday when Anna and her girl friends had gone to a dance club… She was a perfect dancer…she could dance most dance styles without much effort… That day they had gone to a nightclub to show off their style…and this time they had chosen a perfect style… She called it”stripper move”.all of them had short skirts and heavy make ups and actually looked like real sluts.the club had dancing poles of which they would use to enhance their move…Anne was a petite girl of age 18 with a chocolate complexion..she was 5.5″ tall and had black hair with white patches. She had worn a Gothic style makeup. Her perky boob’s nipples were clearly observable under her laced see-through bras. She owned a perfect firm ass.. I mean..she was a total slut…even before they reached the dance floor,hungry men were already whistling and cheering…”look at that kitty😯…i wish I had a taste of it.”one of the men exclaimed…the music was turned on and started dancing… Even after they were through men were still staring.. A loud accolade came from the “fans”…they went offstage and to the backstage…then it was time for free style… Anna was tipsy as she had gone to the club bar and bought some beer. She then went to dance… At her state she could do almost anything to anyone…one minute she was dancing with her friends the other she was grinding against the men’s cocks. She teased them… She would grind someone’s cock and after turning him on she would leave him for another… Most men did not like that. After dancing and hanging out with her friends they started their journey back… They had no car so they had to walk for one kilometre to reach home… Some men followed them but were at a safe distance behind… The girls could not even notice they were being tailed..they were drunk asf.. They were making a great deal of noise(reminding me of Hamduni,a drunk character who was singing at 3am in the morning after getting from the drinking den)as they continued walking,the men continued trailing them…the men reached much closer to them and tagged all the girls as they were double the girls’ number…so two were against one.. It was a planned attack… They quickly Covered their mouths before they could start screaming and rise attention… Each “group” went to different directions,somewhere remote…

…To be continued

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