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The teen thief

Anne… That is the name of a girl who was feared by her whole neighbourhood teens… She was vicious and also daring…but above all she was brave.the elder people had a distaste for her due to her Ill manners…her brevity lead her to become one of the most swift thugs in the area… One day,she got from”school” and entered a food mart.. She was hungry by then… So she shoplifted some palomitas-popcorn… On the way out the owner ran to her and seized her… She tried to let go but his grip was strong and firm…he dragged her to his main office and closed the door to the mart entrance.he sat her down and strapped her hands to the chair handles. “well well well… If it isn’t the thief I’ve been trying to catch the whole week… What do you have to say?…”he asked….”look I can explain”she said feebly.”you will explain when you get to the police”he said… “No! Please don’t tell the police I will do anything but please don’t tell the police.”she begged..”Do anything eeiy..from now on don’t utter a word until I say so and you will do anything I command clear!! “he said… “okay”said the girl… He couldn’t believe the girl had gotten so desperate to that extent…

At once he began his explorations…he first told her to lie on her tummy…she did so.he started spanking her little by little..she seemed to like it because she gave out a little incoherent groan…he did that then asked her to sit upright..he slowly removed her top…without much of a struggle,the girl did not oppose anything he did because she knew that she was the one in the wrong.she remained with her bra which enclosed 34D C-cup breasts…”wow..some amazing boobies you have… Where did you get them from? “he asked smiling, a wicked smile…he unhooked the bra and the entities sprang free from bondage… He started caressing her nipples in a circular motion and he could hear her letting out soft moans..then he bit her nipples..she let out a whimper.he started teasing them with his teeth and could feel her breathing faster…he decided to take things on a whole new level… He told her to lie on her back on the cold steel table… He kissed her from the chest downwards until he reached the forbidden part.

He steadily removed her pants to reveal a G-string that enclosed a shaved mound… “Mmh.. Yummy”he muttered…”you look wet already..did I turn you on??he asked. He started by caressing her mons in circles just to tease her…”mmph” she whined.. She started to feel it..he continued with the same motion until she was loud enough…He then stopped and asked her to wear her clothes and head home.. “but.. But we ain’t through yet. “she uttered obviously wanting more than she was given… But the owner turned her down and told her to leave… She swore to come back and steal more items the coming time… πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

Courtesy of:Mo,Ndich,KeyatchπŸ˜‡

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