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via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

From east to west…never otherwise

Light upon my day you bring

Colourful rays…full of bounty

Bounty for all nature to harvest from its resources

Never ceases…your hotness

You make me do the unimaginable…

You make me do the unexpected…

Because of you goosebumps disappear…

My body never shivers.. You heat me up

You never receive gratitude from anyone

They just make you seem evil… while you are trying your best

To make their living prosperous…to make their calcium-filled bones strong and healthy

All you get is a huge amount of smoke and wastes

Out of 7billion people….its only one person

Together with the trees

And crops inclusive…

That are thankful…

for your patience and hard work,without pay

To give us warmth when we have none

To give us light when we in the dark

I love you…. I thank you

brilliant sun☀ 


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