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What a turn-about…Happyending😆

*THREAD: 1/ When I fucked my dad’s “girlfriend” (brother’s point of view)*
*2/ So it was just a regular Sunday morning when my dad and mom split and he started seeing someone else named Julia.*
*3/ After begging him so many times, he FINALLY decided to let me meet her, and when I did, I was shook at how my ugly ass father could get a girl this fine*
*4/ I mean this girl was 🍑🍑🍑 and was so fine it was hard for me not to want to smash*
*5/ So the next day she moved in since she and my dad got closer, and we had to go to her apartment to help her pack.*
*6/ Once we got inside, we each split roles on where to pack. My dad had the kitchen while Julia and I had the bedroom and restroom*
*7/ While packing, I told her my name so we could get to know each other. Next thing you know we’re deep into a conversation about relationships.*
*8/ “I’m glad we can talk so easily like this.” she said and she put her hand on my hand. I WAS SHAKING HER HAND WAS SO SOFT SHIT WAS TURNING ME ON*
*9/ Fast forward to the next morning, my dad had an early shift at work leaving only me and Julia at home. She was watching tv so this was my chance*
*10/ I grabbed a drink and tip toed next to her on the couch. She was sleeping.. WITH NO BRA . I’m over here dancing beside the couch like*
*11/ So I tapped her to wake up and she snatched me on top of her so fast. she was like “yk, I really feel like we connected back there in my room.” and I was just like “that’s not the only way we could connect..”*
*12/ I realized that I said that too fast and was like “just kiddin-“ she dragged me all the way to the room my dad and her were sharing. Y’all know wtf about to go down*
*13/ She went to the restroom to take off her clothes and I took off all my clothes, waiting for her in bed like*
*14/ After a long ass time she finally came out with only her underwear on, and I asked “wyd.. take it off” and she was just standing there like she confused with wtf going on*
*15/ So my impatient ass was just like “fine, I’ll do it for you” and I ripped her underwear off, and you know what.. y’all won’t believe what I saw..*
*16/ This bitch had a dick and I’m just standing there confused with wtf going on like*
*17/ “Tf is this .. “ I was shook and she was over there stuttering like “I-i-I c-can explain-“*
*18/ And to make things better, I hear my dad knocking on the door and just when I was about to open it, I realized me and Julia were naked*
*19/ “What the hell’s going on in there?!” He pounded against the door so hard and kicked that shit down, finding me and Julia together.. naked*
*20/ It was so silent for a straight 2 minutes cause he didn’t care about us together, he was shook by seeing Julia’s big ass boner*
*21/ “I can’t believe this.. you’re a she-he?” my dad asked and Julia was just standing there like “I was going to tell you earlier-“*
*23/ After that night my dad barely brings girls home anymore.. so I gotta go look for hoes myself 😒 but anyways y’all that’s the end stay tuned for more stories😛*

Thanks to #RaeBandz…

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  1. Oooh shit…funny thought…

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