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Bitcoins-The Next Big Thing

What is Bitcoin?? Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and worldwide paying is the first decentralised digital currency as it works without a Central Bank or single administrator.The network is peer to peer and transactions take place between users directly, without an intermediary.These transactions are verified by network nodes through the use of cryptography and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a block chain.Bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and released as open-source software  in 2009.



The graph shown above shows the increase in value of the currency since 2009.the value goes on appreciating while the number of bitcoins goes on depreciating.. So if you own a Bitcoin it could sum up to a large amount of money… Bitcoin value is divided upto 8 decimal places that is 0.00000000 so even the smallest values are recorded.

I am not very experienced in this type of system but the little knowledge I have can help me and you be great in life, at least it’s not too late. Bitcoins are gotten as a reward for a process known as mining.The mining process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle.  The participant who first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and claim the rewards.  The rewards, which incentivize mining, are both the transaction fees associated with the transactions compiled in the block as well as newly released bitcoin…To start you off I will share with you a youtube video concerning what am talking about.

How to make money with bitcoins

When you view that video by Marc Guerrero you will get a firm understanding about how the bitcoin currency exchange system works.yo will need to buy bitcoins from coinbase or any similar apps so that you may start investing.. Bitcoin is 100% better than money.. It’s because bitcoins are usable in any part of the world and in could be changed to most currencies. Bitcoins are extremely safe from any theft or hacks…to know more just download the following PDF:


With all that I know you will think twice about investing your money here..its a great way to be rich without a lot of struggle… In time I will be able to share my testimonies about this business.i thought I should let you join the bitcoin currency exchange system  please go to the following link and register your information there..

Join Bitconnect now and start investing for your future

In that website there is also a guide to keep you in touch with what you need so that you may not get confused…earn real money.Comments are required..dont waste your time and money in anything else but this.

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The Teaser pt1

It was on a Friday when Anna and her girl friends had gone to a dance club… She was a perfect dancer…she could dance most dance styles without much effort… That day they had gone to a nightclub to show off their style…and this time they had chosen a perfect style… She called it”stripper move”.all of them had short skirts and heavy make ups and actually looked like real sluts.the club had dancing poles of which they would use to enhance their move…Anne was a petite girl of age 18 with a chocolate complexion..she was 5.5″ tall and had black hair with white patches. She had worn a Gothic style makeup. Her perky boob’s nipples were clearly observable under her laced see-through bras. She owned a perfect firm ass.. I mean..she was a total slut…even before they reached the dance floor,hungry men were already whistling and cheering…”look at that kitty😯…i wish I had a taste of it.”one of the men exclaimed…the music was turned on and started dancing… Even after they were through men were still staring.. A loud accolade came from the “fans”…they went offstage and to the backstage…then it was time for free style… Anna was tipsy as she had gone to the club bar and bought some beer. She then went to dance… At her state she could do almost anything to anyone…one minute she was dancing with her friends the other she was grinding against the men’s cocks. She teased them… She would grind someone’s cock and after turning him on she would leave him for another… Most men did not like that. After dancing and hanging out with her friends they started their journey back… They had no car so they had to walk for one kilometre to reach home… Some men followed them but were at a safe distance behind… The girls could not even notice they were being tailed..they were drunk asf.. They were making a great deal of noise(reminding me of Hamduni,a drunk character who was singing at 3am in the morning after getting from the drinking den)as they continued walking,the men continued trailing them…the men reached much closer to them and tagged all the girls as they were double the girls’ number…so two were against one.. It was a planned attack… They quickly Covered their mouths before they could start screaming and rise attention… Each “group” went to different directions,somewhere remote…

…To be continued

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Meet Samantha

Meet Samantha,the sex doll.Most people,specifically men,  in Kenya together with other countries are talking endlessly about the sex doll which has become one of the greatest inventions in this world.. Samantha is very realistic in that it needs to be seduced so that action may take place…it is a robot that has basic conversation skills…it was created by Sergi Santos who is a Barcelona based engineer..


Samantha likes to be touched. She has different modes of interaction,she can be romantic, she has family mode and can also work out sexy modes-which gets most men turned on… This doll is developed by artificial intelligence that’s why it can respond to different scenarios…i know most of you are wondering what the cost is.. The doll costs 2500$ which amounts to 316,000 ksh-about the same cost as a probox car.

That is Samantha. She can be modified into different beauty styles. Amazing,

    Advantages of Samantha

1.Samantha has heavily packed boob’s and an ass

2.Samantha can be cheated on

3.Samantha does not require food

4.Samantha does not require uber to get her back to her home

5.Samantha is easy to convince-without the use of money

6.Samantha can create new styles

7.Samantha is a virgin forever😵

8.Presence of Samantha would reduce rape cases in the world.

9.Most lone rangers have now found something to keep them company

Disadvantages of Samantha 

1.Samantha is the cause of jealousy for many women.

2.Samantha,as observed, has one complexion.

So as you have all seen,Samantha has more advantages than disadvantages.Make your choice😂😂

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Hope from solemnity

If there’s a fear more real than anything in the world to’s the fear of vulnerability.
Vulnerability in the sense that I could ever be in a position not to be in control of what I do or say.
The twist of it is I could also be vulnerable and in a position to say what I believe or i know deep down but should remain deep down for everyone’s good.
For the nineteen heading to twenty years I’ve been alive..that’s all I’ve seen alcohol do..
Making people we know to be who they ain’t ( or who they really are)
Causing me hurt over and over till I can’t stand the smell of drunkenness (not the alcohol).I can’t stand the sluggish speech..not the ‘wisdom’ that comes with it.
It’s in those drunk words that I realised my place
.and what i’m up against.
It’s there that I realised how tough it’s gonna get.
It’s there that reality set in after crying my eyes to mornings.
But in the same words I realised how much greatness i had that it intimadated from a far.
It’s also then that I realised how distinct a character I am.
In the tears, I found my strength and most importantly found God.

So I won’t victimize myself all my days..I won’t feed the urge to get a counselor in the conviction that i’m an emotional wreck.
I know the trauma will never go..that one I know because everytime I hear the door on those nights, I feel my heart leave me..I haroom he words and shouts and everything all so loud in my head.
Pardon my arrogance as it appears to be , i’m just a scared girl trying to make it through the night.
As you nurse your hangover..I’ll be trying to find pieces of my broken dreams.. Broken heart..broken self.
I’ll still look into that mirror and walk out with the conviction that i’m much more than I slept believing I was.
Only because I made outside my room and out into the world as if it was just another bad dream last night.


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The Teaser pt2

Anna was carried by  two of the men to a nearby park… There was a dim illumination in the street lights so it couldn’t expose their acts. Anna tried to run but she tripped and fell. “Trying to run eeiy.”The stronger man said. Seemingly this was a one man show because the other man was reluctant in helping him. Taking her by the hair, he dragged her back to some trees at the edge of the park. Forcing her down onto her stomach, he placed his boot between her shoulder blades and pressed down; keeping her in position as he quickly used the rope slung over his shoulder to bind her ankles to the base of those trees.

Using her hair again to pull her back up to her knees, he made some adjustments to the rope. He wanted her legs to stay open no matter what position he pulled her into. Satisfied, he walked to stand in front of her. Color had blossomed on her check and he knelt in front of her to caress it. They put themselves in position where one man could watch and the other could have some fun with the girl, Anna.

“Let’s see how your teasing has paid off my love. You thought turning us on and off was the brightest idea.,look what your friends  got yourself into.” He kissed her deeply, at the same time he grabbed her breast and squeezed. She gave a slight moan but he wanted more. Moving his lips to her neck, he bit down at the same time he twisted her nipple.

“You enjoy being my prize, my dirty whore don’t you baby,” he whispered in her ear.

“Fuck you.” She responded.

He laughed. “Oh no my love, you will be the one fucked.”

He stood up and undid his boots, removing his pants setting both off to the side before pulling down his boxers. Grabbing her hair once more, he guided his cock to her mouth. She opened without being told and he rewarded her by slowly sliding his cock down her throat and stopping. He stood motionless as she fought to relax, it didn’t take her long anymore and she only started to fight when she needed air.

As she started to struggle, he gripped her hair tighter, holding her in place for a few more seconds. When he removed his cock from her mouth she quickly gasped for air. He gave her a moment’s reprieve before grabbing her head in both hands as he started to fuck her mouth. There was no mercy to be found tonight and she was soon covered in saliva, snot and tears. She didn’t give their cocks mercy while in the club, it was the time to return the favour.

He wasn’t just going to use her mouth though. This needed to be drawn out some more. He so enjoyed playing with his prey and he knew that she loved it too.

Undoing her hands, he told her to get on all fours and not move. He walked behind her out of sight and rummaged through the brush. He placed a bag there few days before and he was hoping that he could force her in the right direction so he could use it. Little did she know, by the time the night was over she would be screaming out in both pain and pleasure.

He placed a blanket down behind her so that he could rest on it comfortably. Grabbing her hips, he pulled her back against him, but didn’t enter her, using his cock only to tease. Hands caressed her generous ass and he smiled thinking of the destruction he was going to cause.

Licking his thumb, he pressed it against her tight cunt and heard her whimper. Grabbing the vibrating plug from his bag, he coated it in her juices and slid it into her cunt. Turning it on, he watched her body shudder before raining down slaps on her ass.

She cried out around the 5th or 6th hit and tried to move away from him. He growled and she quickly corrected her position, but it was too late. He bent over her and sunk his teeth into the back of her shoulder, letting her cry out before warning her not to move again.

“Did you just move again?”

Tears and snot covered her face, but he knew she wasn’t floating. Not yet, but she would be soon, of that he could guarantee. She apologized quietly, but knew she was going to regret it.

She was almost there. Almost gone, but he wasn’t ready for that yet.

He wiggled the plug in her ass and she moaned. Reaching between her legs, she started rubbing her clit. She was sopping wet and it was literally seconds before she was cumming, calling out her pleasure to the creatures of the night.

Picking up the dragon tail , he assaulted her,hitting her hard, but giving her enough time to make her count of ten.

“Now for your special treat my love!”

Caressing her cunt again, he listened to her stifled moans. He felt her stiffen at feeling the warm breath on her kitty seconds before he marked her, setting his teeth into her cunt so hard that he growled at the warm taste of her juices. Licking the spot he just made, he quickly pulled the plug from her cunt and adjusted himself into position.

She was some place far away now so he knew there was no need to be gentle as he forced himself inside her tight cunt. One slow, sure stroke and he was buried.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, he pulled her up, impaling her onto his cock even more. He started fucking her pussy hard, holding her in place so she had no choice but to take it. As soon as he felt her orgasm take her, he pulled the clothes pin off one nipple, then the other. She screamed out as wave after wave rippled through her body. He wasn’t sure where one stopped and the other began but he wasn’t going to last much longer.

Pushing her back down into the dirt, he grabbed her hips and finished taking his prize as hard as he could, finally cumming with a satisfied growl of conquest.

He stayed firmly planted inside her cunt as he caught his breath. Slowly, his softened cock slipped from her and she remained on the ground.

Leaving her there, he gathered up everything he used this evening before wrapping her up in her clothes and carrying her in the blanket he had been kneeling on.

She finally got words out of her mouth and asked,”Could we do this tomorrow please”The man was startled and replied that it was okay.. Anna had gotten the pleasure of a lifetime

Pressing his lips to her forehead, he whispered “I love you,” before carrying her off into the moonlight.


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The teen thief

Anne… That is the name of a girl who was feared by her whole neighbourhood teens… She was vicious and also daring…but above all she was brave.the elder people had a distaste for her due to her Ill manners…her brevity lead her to become one of the most swift thugs in the area… One day,she got from”school” and entered a food mart.. She was hungry by then… So she shoplifted some palomitas-popcorn… On the way out the owner ran to her and seized her… She tried to let go but his grip was strong and firm…he dragged her to his main office and closed the door to the mart entrance.he sat her down and strapped her hands to the chair handles. “well well well… If it isn’t the thief I’ve been trying to catch the whole week… What do you have to say?…”he asked….”look I can explain”she said feebly.”you will explain when you get to the police”he said… “No! Please don’t tell the police I will do anything but please don’t tell the police.”she begged..”Do anything eeiy..from now on don’t utter a word until I say so and you will do anything I command clear!! “he said… “okay”said the girl… He couldn’t believe the girl had gotten so desperate to that extent…

At once he began his explorations…he first told her to lie on her tummy…she did so.he started spanking her little by little..she seemed to like it because she gave out a little incoherent groan…he did that then asked her to sit upright..he slowly removed her top…without much of a struggle,the girl did not oppose anything he did because she knew that she was the one in the wrong.she remained with her bra which enclosed 34D C-cup breasts…”wow..some amazing boobies you have… Where did you get them from? “he asked smiling, a wicked smile…he unhooked the bra and the entities sprang free from bondage… He started caressing her nipples in a circular motion and he could hear her letting out soft moans..then he bit her nipples..she let out a whimper.he started teasing them with his teeth and could feel her breathing faster…he decided to take things on a whole new level… He told her to lie on her back on the cold steel table… He kissed her from the chest downwards until he reached the forbidden part.

He steadily removed her pants to reveal a G-string that enclosed a shaved mound… “Mmh.. Yummy”he muttered…”you look wet already..did I turn you on??he asked. He started by caressing her mons in circles just to tease her…”mmph” she whined.. She started to feel it..he continued with the same motion until she was loud enough…He then stopped and asked her to wear her clothes and head home.. “but.. But we ain’t through yet. “she uttered obviously wanting more than she was given… But the owner turned her down and told her to leave… She swore to come back and steal more items the coming time… 😆😆😆

Courtesy of:Mo,Ndich,Keyatch😇

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via Daily Prompt: Brilliant

From east to west…never otherwise

Light upon my day you bring

Colourful rays…full of bounty

Bounty for all nature to harvest from its resources

Never ceases…your hotness

You make me do the unimaginable…

You make me do the unexpected…

Because of you goosebumps disappear…

My body never shivers.. You heat me up

You never receive gratitude from anyone

They just make you seem evil… while you are trying your best

To make their living prosperous…to make their calcium-filled bones strong and healthy

All you get is a huge amount of smoke and wastes

Out of 7billion people….its only one person

Together with the trees

And crops inclusive…

That are thankful…

for your patience and hard work,without pay

To give us warmth when we have none

To give us light when we in the dark

I love you…. I thank you

brilliant sun☀ 


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via Daily Prompt: Forlorn

All the struggle,all the fight

All the endeavour to build our paradise…

All the pressures we got…

From this unrewarding society…

Made us…more than just friends

But now all I can see… All I can feel…

Is the forlorn in our relationship

Our goals are far away from being reached

Our lives are full of downs…never up

What I wish is a life without you…

Without that that makes my heart dark…

Am living with abject distress…

Am downhearted…. Spirits are below average

You’ve turned my life…. For the worse

You’ve made me cheerless…hopeless of the life am living

This life is worth not living…because you disintegrated my heart

Into small fine pieces of which…

No adhesive could help bring it to life once again

Am sorry if I ever said I love you. Coz I did…

Now I don’t…dont think I ever will

Am leaving you

I don’t know when I’ll be back😤…

#A Dark poet😪


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She is the smallest I’ve ever known…

She’s the best I have ever seen…

She’s the one who would walk down the aisle…with me…if I ever thought of that

She is perfect…no imperfections

She shows character… She is magical

Her style…i could notice a mile away

Her life…so simple… So humble… Makes me jealous

She has it…I blush just on seeing her laugh

I tell you she’s lovely…no competition could measure hers

One told me…the greatest curve in a woman’s body is her smile… A winsome smile 



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What a turn-about…Happyending😆

*THREAD: 1/ When I fucked my dad’s “girlfriend” (brother’s point of view)*
*2/ So it was just a regular Sunday morning when my dad and mom split and he started seeing someone else named Julia.*
*3/ After begging him so many times, he FINALLY decided to let me meet her, and when I did, I was shook at how my ugly ass father could get a girl this fine*
*4/ I mean this girl was 🍑🍑🍑 and was so fine it was hard for me not to want to smash*
*5/ So the next day she moved in since she and my dad got closer, and we had to go to her apartment to help her pack.*
*6/ Once we got inside, we each split roles on where to pack. My dad had the kitchen while Julia and I had the bedroom and restroom*
*7/ While packing, I told her my name so we could get to know each other. Next thing you know we’re deep into a conversation about relationships.*
*8/ “I’m glad we can talk so easily like this.” she said and she put her hand on my hand. I WAS SHAKING HER HAND WAS SO SOFT SHIT WAS TURNING ME ON*
*9/ Fast forward to the next morning, my dad had an early shift at work leaving only me and Julia at home. She was watching tv so this was my chance*
*10/ I grabbed a drink and tip toed next to her on the couch. She was sleeping.. WITH NO BRA . I’m over here dancing beside the couch like*
*11/ So I tapped her to wake up and she snatched me on top of her so fast. she was like “yk, I really feel like we connected back there in my room.” and I was just like “that’s not the only way we could connect..”*
*12/ I realized that I said that too fast and was like “just kiddin-“ she dragged me all the way to the room my dad and her were sharing. Y’all know wtf about to go down*
*13/ She went to the restroom to take off her clothes and I took off all my clothes, waiting for her in bed like*
*14/ After a long ass time she finally came out with only her underwear on, and I asked “wyd.. take it off” and she was just standing there like she confused with wtf going on*
*15/ So my impatient ass was just like “fine, I’ll do it for you” and I ripped her underwear off, and you know what.. y’all won’t believe what I saw..*
*16/ This bitch had a dick and I’m just standing there confused with wtf going on like*
*17/ “Tf is this .. “ I was shook and she was over there stuttering like “I-i-I c-can explain-“*
*18/ And to make things better, I hear my dad knocking on the door and just when I was about to open it, I realized me and Julia were naked*
*19/ “What the hell’s going on in there?!” He pounded against the door so hard and kicked that shit down, finding me and Julia together.. naked*
*20/ It was so silent for a straight 2 minutes cause he didn’t care about us together, he was shook by seeing Julia’s big ass boner*
*21/ “I can’t believe this.. you’re a she-he?” my dad asked and Julia was just standing there like “I was going to tell you earlier-“*
*23/ After that night my dad barely brings girls home anymore.. so I gotta go look for hoes myself 😒 but anyways y’all that’s the end stay tuned for more stories😛*

Thanks to #RaeBandz…